Surveys are Closed!

To everyone who completed a survey or attempted to, and to those who spread the word via Twitter, Tumblr and old fashion Con networking… a very grateful THANK YOU!!

The study has successfully reached its quota of responses (over 100)! We are now beginning the data analysis stage of the research. More information will be forthcoming regarding results.

IRB Approval & Surveys Go Live!

I’m excited to report that the Internal Review Board for Human Subject Testing has approved my study and I can officially begin research. This means that I can roll out the Creative Industries and Audience Surveys, as well as start on promo materials!

To that end I’ll be at DragonCon for pleasure and will have exclusive fanart to hand out in the hopes of some survey respondents. If you are heading to DragonCon here in Atlanta Labor Day Weekend I’ll be handing out swag.

Why “Searching for Queer Utopia”?

queer by choice (?) text is over a rainbow barcode

I’ve found by examining the various objects in my dissertation, a glimpse at a variety of possible queer utopias. As each new media project required the breaking down of boundaries, the disruption of capitalism in some small but often signifigant ways, and the fantastic but unremarkable self-representation of LGBTQ+ peoples through audience contribution and production itself.  I see queer utopia here as a purposeful, radical choice of inclusion and disruption.